Thursday, December 8, 2011

An Epilogue to the Odyssey

An Epilogue to The Odyssey

The people who lived on the Cyclades Islands must have been all right, they were onto something. Unlike the people of Ithaca and Macedonia and Sumer and Assyria, they left no weapons or fortresses, only visions of music, wine, dancing women, and songs. How could such peaceful idyllic people have been related to the Dorians or Macedonians or Spartans, fighting all the time, always critical, never satisfied and happy?

What did Ulysses and Penelope do when it was all over? They told each other their stories. Ulysses became king of Ithaca once again, but since it was west of Greece you know that no one there could be happy for long.

So, who were The Fates? Aw, who cares about The Fates?! They are just restless spirits seeking their own kind so that they can hunger and roam and write fortune cookies.

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