Friday, December 2, 2011

Gilgamesh and the death of Enkidu

The Death of Enkidu

Prophecies are trouble, some come in dreams. Enkidu had a dream about death and it caught hold and he died. Gilgamesh grieved and grieved and could not get over it, he sat with the body until maggots crawled from it. Such a grief is the kind of grief that you cannot let go of or the life you cannot celebrate when it is ended or the loss that you cannot accept. Gilgamesh’s grief becomes The Madness of the King.

Take care of grieving people, comfort them with good thoughts and stop them before they make decisions, before they go on a long journey full of more grief and more things that they cannot accept.

Gilgamesh, without friend, counselor or comfort sets out on a long journey to try to overcome death. In the eyes of his people Gilgamesh is mad to leave.


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