Tuesday, January 10, 2012

David Cook on The History Channel

This is "history" all right, as in "ancient history" as in I did this way back in 1999. I had appeared in a segment about Zorro for Weller-Grossman on A&E Biography in 1996 (I think it broadcast in 1998, too) and the producers asked me if I would work with their series for The History Channel. When it was all done I showed up in about 6 segments, twice in some weeks. One stipulation I requested is that I be able to slip in something art related. They asked me what that might be, so I told them all about Leonardo's relation to weapons design -- and it became part of their program on "The Most" about War.

This is also my way of testing a video clip in this blog.

How you find this instructive. About a year later I noticed a Leonardo exhibition in New York on a similar theme.

Oh, and that's Mike Rowe as host emcee, the first time I ever saw him, back before he became a shark wrestler and spokesman for Ford Trucks, before The History Channel became the Nostradamus UFO alien encounter ghost channel.