Monday, October 29, 2012

Son, You've Got A Condition...

Harry Dean Stanton in Marvel's Avengers, great line, "Son, you've got a condition."

It could be camptodactyly that is twisting my fingers.  It could be arthritis.  It could be both.  I first noticed the radical change in my right ring finger about five years ago.  To accompany this, I had a deviated septum (the worst one the surgeon had ever seen, a 90 minute surgery became a 3-4 hour surgery) and I have troubles with the eustachian tubes in my ears and I have a horseshoe kidney.  My brother has scoliosis of the spine that twisted his back bones.  All of those things seem to accompany camptodactyly.

Then, yesterday I noticed that the outer bones of my right middle finger are warping.  That may have begun a year or two ago, I noticed some turning over back then, but I can really see it lately.

The top knuckle is going over to the right (it sort of reminds me of a mouth sliding over on Mister Potato Head) and the center knuckle is going left and the bone is definitely twisting.  It's quite strange to see your own hand morph out of normal shape.

I can already do the Bela Lugosi double-jointed Dracula finger bit.

They call this "Christian finger" or European finger, although it may be Indo-European because there is a high incidence of it in India and in Iran.


  1. Did you get any surgery or treatment ...mine fingers and bending and getting deform. .start to feel pain

  2. Javier, Thanks for looking and commenting. No, I haven't been to a doctor and I won't risk surgery because I am an artist. It hurts a bit. I spend some time every day pressing on it and keeping it as limber and supple as a I can, trying to straighten it. It hurts a bit. It twisted all at once, it seemed to me, when I turned 50, but it hasn't changed since then.