Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Scarecrow That Works...

For three years we have been attacked by cardinals -- the car in the drive, its side view mirrors scratched, paint scratched, they even pulled the rubber stripping off the door -- the garage windows and back windows regularly smacked, coated in slime and peck marks -- and they did the same to my neighbor, even breaking one of his windows.  It got to be so constant, and the striking of the house so annoying that I took to harassing them with pellet guns.  That reduced some of it but it made other attacks more annoying.  I tried pictures of owls, stickers on windows, and was told that an owl statue fails.

But, at PetsMart I saw this, a plushy furry owl in The Martha Stewart Gentle Play collection in the dog toy aisle.  I put two in the trees out front... and the cardinals stopped.  Stopped.

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