Saturday, May 21, 2016

Captain America Kicks Ass

Childhood friends who used to say "What's Marvel?", who would have ever thought that a Captain America movie could top the charts, rule the worldwide box office, make a billion dollars, and kick DC and Warner Bros off the sand hill?

(photo rights belong to Marvel, Disney, the Avengers, Tony Stark Industries, Stan Lee, et al, not me)

Watching Groot Grow

Dear MARVEL, we need a short inter-film called "Watching Groot Grow"...

(apologies for the picture, rights to Marvel, Disney, Groot, his family, et al)

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Remember... ONLY Superman can fly

I have been telling about this for years, the Superman costume I had as a kid and the warning label that said "only Superman can fly".

Here are pictures (my apologies to the eBay sellers I took these from):

As soon as I saw the box I remembered it...
And I've always had fond memories of my cape with a picture of Superman on it...
I don't have that costume, but I do have a scar on the top of my left ear when I did indeed insist that I too could fly.  I didn't.  The window did not break my fall, it broke.

My two images of Superman are from the Fifties: George Reeves on television and the comics art of Wayne Boring and similar art on products.