Sunday, June 12, 2016

A Hand? A Draw? Drawing a Drawing Hand?

So, you can draw your hand?  Good.

Can you draw the hand you're drawing with?  In ink, when you can't erase?  In 5 minutes?

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

An Old (and Boring) Toy is New Again

Lido made several Zorro toys back in 1957-1959, but some of them were in awkward and kind of boring poses.  The 4 - inch figure with his hand pointing weakly downward and his sword oddly in his left hand might just be the worst.  Toy collectors prefer the Marx Toys version over this one...

I got one that had lost his sword, so I rehabilitated him... or you could say I modified or converted him.  With hot water, I softened his gun arm and raised it into an action position, and I drilled a hole to give him the secret papers...

A limp and boring toy became ZORRO and THE SECRET PLAN !!!

I took one that was complete and bent him using hot water, too.  He transformed from weak and boring Zorro into ACTION ZORRO the Avenger!!!

Zorro, Zorro, ZORRO!

We can't throw Roy away!!

These old broken and toxic looking Marx toys sold for a dollar apiece.

Broken hands, ugly dark stains of vinyl... but, some replacement Mego hands and some homemade paper hats, and new saddles, and Roy and Trigger are ready to ride the range again.

I had one of these in 1960.  Kids broke the fingers trying to put Roy's gun in his hand.  Brittle and fragile vinyl, like playing with a polystyrene model...  The accessories were a soft rubber vinyl that caused the body vinyl to stain and melt... ugh...

Happy Trails to you!